Healthy mouth, healthy body!——“World Oral Health Day, March 20, 2024”

World Oral Health Day, celebrated on March 20th each year, promotes the theme “Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body”. The aim of this day is to mobilize societal efforts for preventive dental care and oral health education. The significance of “3/20” encompasses multiple layers: firstly, it represents the “8020” goal, advocating for individuals to have 20 natural teeth by the age of 80; secondly, it emphasizes that children should have 20 primary teeth; thirdly, it highlights that adults should ideally have 32

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Congratulations on the successful completion of the “Youyi Shengda Lecture Hall Implant Risk Assessment and Prevention Salon

On April 2nd, the Hejin Yida Dental Hospital, in collaboration with Shanxi Youyisheng Medical Devices Co., Ltd., Shizhuoman Medical, and Ya Hao Medical, organized an offline salon event with the theme of “Implant Risk Assessment” aimed at enhancing foundational theory and standardizing basic operations. Over 70 participants attended the offline training session, while more than 1,000 participants watched the live broadcast online. The training session featured lectures by Dr. Jin Xiu, Dean of Hejin Yida Dental Hospital, who is a

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