iCHECK Implant Stability Meter

Abandoning the traditional detection method using torque wrenches.
Simplified measurement, more convenient operation. Utilizing tapping technology and an automatic safety system, it is used to examine the early integration of implants.

Dental Implant Unit

It includes multiple functions such as implantation, restoration, extraction of impacted teeth, and orthopedic surgery. The device can be connected to physiological saline or sterile water externally to prevent backflow and reduce cross-contamination. Incorrect operations will be promptly reminded, ensuring better overall machine protection.

Electrosurgery Unit

The device features various functions including pure cutting, blend cutting, and electrocautery. With fast cutting speed and effective hemostasis, it offers simple operation. It is a multifunctional medical device that combines safety, convenience, professionalism, and efficiency in one.

iT3 Dental Implant Torque Wrench

Suitable for the installation and removal of healing abutments and cover screws. All-in-one machine operation, convenient and fast, with no risk of instrument dropping.
Constant output for stability.

A3 Endo Activator

The device operates on a multi-dimensional stereophonic ultrasound working mode, paired with a high-polymer fiber working head.
Constant speed output, unaffected by battery power levels.

iD1 Implant Locator

Rapid positioning of dental implants.
Utilizing the weak electromagnetic properties of the dental implant itself, effectively assists in the detection and positioning of implants before the implant restoration treatment.

Photoelectric Color Comparator

Multiple algorithms restore the true color of teeth, with convenient operation and high efficiency, greatly reducing the influence of objective oral background color and subjective judgment of dentists on tooth color determination.

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